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Jacket Buying Guide

Features100% Reflective Outer layerReflective trimWaterproof RatingTaped SeamsWaterproof ZipsBreathability Rating (if appropriate)Under-arm VentsBack/Shoulder VentsCut/fit typeDropped tailAdjustable Waist/CuffsRemovable ArmsMicro-fleece CollarZip GaragePockets (Chest (C) / Side (S) / Inside Chest (IC) / Rear (R))HoodInner Lining/Mesh
Reflect360 Cycling JacketYes-5,000mmYesYes2,000gm/24hrYesYesCommuterYesYes-YesYesCh / IC / R-Yes
Reflect360 Plus Cycling JacketYes-10,000mmYesYes10,000gm/24hrYesYesTailored commuterYesYes-YesYesCh / IC / R-Yes
Reflect360 Outdoor JacketYes-5,000mmYesYes2,000gm/24hrYesYesLeisure-Yes-YesYesCh / S / IC / RYesYes
Reflect360 CRS Cycling JacketYes-5,000mmYesYes2,000gm/24hrYesYesCommuterYesYes-YesYesCh / IC / R-Yes
Reflect360 CRS Plus Cycling JacketYes-10,000mmYesYes10,000gm/24hrYesYesTailored commuterYesYes-YesYesCh / S / IC / R-Yes
Reflect360 Elite Cycling JacketPartialYesWater Resistant  15,000gm/24hr  Training/PerformanceYes    S / R  
Reflect360 Kid’s Outdoor JacketYes-5,000mmYesYes2,000gm/24hr--LeisureYes--YesYes-Yes-
Reflect360 Running JacketYes-5,000mm (where covered)--Back mesh – enables good air circulation-Back MeshRun---YesYesS--
Switch Cycling JacketYes-10,000mmYes-2,000gm/24hr--Commuter-----S--
Nightrider Cycling Jacket-Yes5,000mmYesYes2,000gm/24hrYes-CommuterYesYes-YesYesIC / R-Yes
PixElite Performance Cycling Jacket-YesWater-resistant--Softshell = Highly Breathable--Training/PerformanceYes--YesYesCH / R--
Sportive Convertible Gilet/Jacket-Yes7,000mm-Yes15,000gm/24hr--TrainingYes-YesYesYesCh--
Classic Windproof Jacket-YesWater-resistant--5,000gm/24hr--LooseYes--YesYesR--


As our range of cycling jackets has grown we realise it can be a bit confusing deciding which one best suits your needs. Each of our jackets offers something different in terms of waterproofing, breathability, cut etc.

Depending on what you will be using your jacket for, you will have your own priorities on the features you require. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Reflectivity: 100% or reflective trim? What time of year and time of day will you be using your product. If early morning or at night time you may wish to consider a model with the most amount of reflectivity.
  • Waterproofing/breathability: Different jackets offer different ratings. The higher the rating the more waterproof or breathable a jacket is.
  • Cut: The cut or tailoring of a jacket is down to personal preference. If you are purchasing a jacket to use on your everyday commute, then a looser commuter fit might be what you are looking for, but for the performance cyclist then a tighter fitting jacket might well be the answer. It is all down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable in.
  • Taped Seams: To prevent water seeping through sewing lines during heavy rain
  • Dropped/Lowered tail: to reduce the impact of spray from the rear wheel
  • Under arm zips: to increase air circulation
  • Pockets: to keep your essentials safe
  • Hood: to keep the rain out
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist: adjust your jacket to exactly how you like it

Commuter Jackets:

During certain times of the year there is a lot less or no natural light so if you wish to be seen by drivers in their vehicles then it is reflective material that is the key feature that you should look out for. No matter the brand, make or model, if your outer layer has little or no reflective material on it, then you are making a driver’s task of seeing you more difficult!

Below we run through all of the jackets in our range and you can also view our comparison chart here.

REFLECT360 Range

The REFLECT360 range of cycling jackets has grown since the original version was introduced in autumn 2014. The popularity across the world has meant we have continued to innovate to give you more options in terms of waterproofing, breathability, fit and colour. Each of the jackets in the range is made using 100% reflective material so that the jackets (and other products in the range) give ‘astonishing reflectivity’ (quote: Cycling Active Magazine). The stand-out feature of the range is that it utilises millions of retro-reflective beads embedded in the material that light up to appear bright white when a vehicle’s headlights hits the material. This in turn helps the driver identify your position on the road further in advance.

We have summarised each jacket in the REFLECT360 range starting with the original jacket launched, and finishing with the very latest REFLECT360 CRS+ jacket, and we also have a running option and one for the Kids too! There is no favourite, and each jacket comes as standard with a multiple features you’d expect of a quality jacket but each one also slightly differs from the next and we’ll try our best to make your decision easier.

Reflect360 Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

This is the original jacket in the Reflect360 range, and it is still as popular as ever. As with all products in the range it is made 100% from reflective material. By day it is an understated grey and by night, every inch is reflective. When launched, this new functionality greatly appealed to many cyclists.

Features: Waterproof (5,000mm), seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, dropped tail, inner lining, waterproof zips, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 Plus Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

The Reflect360+ cycling jacket gives exactly the same unrivalled benefits as the original Reflect360 Cycling Jacket above but has the added benefit of increased breathability (10,000/24hr) and waterproofing (10,000mm) along with a slightly more tailored fit.

Features: Waterproof (10,000mm), breathability (10,000), more tailored fit, seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, dropped tail, inner lining, waterproof zips, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 Outdoor Jacket - Men's | Women's

The Reflect360 outdoor jacket is an all-round jacket designed in a slightly different cut to enable the jacket to be used across a range of activities. It has the same functionality and features as the Reflect360 Cycling jacket, but it also incorporates a fold-away hood, it is slightly longer in the front and does not have a dropped tail. This helps to give it the look of a great all round outdoor/leisure jacket.

Features: Fold-away hood, waterproof (5,000mm), seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, inner lining, waterproof zips, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 CRS Cycling Jacket (Colour Reflective System) - Men's | Women's

We like to break new ground! This jacket was the first ever cycling jacket to be manufactured using coloured reflective material, hence the name (CRS = Colour Reflective System). Up to October 2016 when we launched this jacket, reflective material was only available in the understated grey colour. This jacket comes in multiple colours to suit everyone and has the same great features as 1) Reflect360 Cycling Jacket above. This jacket gives you the best of both worlds; a choice of colours by day, and great all over reflectivity by night.

Features: Choice of colours, waterproof (5,000mm), seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, dropped tail, inner lining, waterproof zips, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 CRS Plus Cycling Jacket (Colour Reflective System) - Men's | Women's

The latest model in the REFLECT360 range; the Reflect360 CRS+ cycling jacket gives you exactly the same features as 4) Reflect360 CRS Cycling Jacket, but gives increased breathability (10,000/24hr), waterproofing (10,000mm) along with a slightly more tailored fit and an extra set of side pockets at the waist.

Features: Waterproof (10,000mm), breathability (10,000), side pockets, more tailored fit, seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, dropped tail, inner lining, waterproof zips, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 Elite Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

The Reflect360 Elite cycling jacket is designed as the ultimate training and performance jacket utilising unique four-way stretch reflective material to give you complete flexibility and comfort. We have designed the arms and body of the jacket using Hydro Alpine 260 GSM fabric that enables ultra-fast drying and through flow of air which helps to regulate your body temperature and gives great insulation on those cold winter days. 

Features: Breathability (15,000), Water Resistant, tailored fit, rear & side pockets, Hydro Apline 260 GSM four way stretch fabric, YKK Zipper, lightweight, wind resistent, UV protection 50+

Reflect360 Kid’s Outdoor Jacket 

When we launched the Reflect360 range, many parents asked if we could introduce a jacket for their kids who walk, bike or scooter to and from school. Cost is important to all parents so we edited the original adult jacket and turned it in to a lightweight waterproof shell/jacket for kids that also includes an integrated fold-away hood for those rainy days. It utilises the exact same material as the original adult 1) Reflect360 Cycling Jacket but it is tailored to suit the needs of kids who need to throw on a waterproof outer layer with exceptional reflectivity.

Features: Fold-away hood, waterproof (5,000mm), seam-sealed, elastic cuffs and waist, dropped tail, waterproof zip, micro-fleece collar.

Reflect360 Running Jacket - Men's | Women's

To complete the range, the Reflect360 running jacket is designed to be a super lightweight shell to help when you are out hitting the roads in the early mornings or evenings. The jacket is made up of a mix of 100% reflective material and a soft-touch, super comfortable close-knit mesh back to help with the breathability and ensure the jacket is nice and light.

Features: Breathable, elastic cuffs and waist, lightweight (170g), windproof, zip guard and lock zip

Switch Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

This jacket is dual-layered to give great flexibility for day and night riding. On one side, for night riding, it utilises the exact same fabric as the original REFLECT360 jacket to give exceptional reflectivity at night. It also has a yellow or black layer (depending on which colour is for you) that allows you to turn it inside out to give you your day time riding colour. A great 2-in-1 jacket.

Features: Waterproof (10,000mm), reversible, dual-layered, side pockets, dropped tail, adjustable waist cord

Nightrider Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

The Proviz nightrider jacket is a great all round mid-level jacket that gives everything you require for a jacket that can withstand all conditions. It has ample amounts of reflectivity if you are out at night or early morning and it comes in a choice of colours to suit depending on whether you want eye-wateringly bright ‘hi-viz’ or more understated black. Waterproof zips, seam-sealed sewing lines and adjustable cuffs are just a few features that come as standard.

Features: Waterproof (5,000mm), seam-sealed, multiple pockets, underarm zipped ventilation, adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist cord, dropped tail, inner lining, waterproof zip, micro-fleece collar.

Performance and Training Jackets

When it comes to pushing yourself harder out the roads you may be thinking about softshell which as the name suggests the material is a softer and more flexible material. They offer a bit more warmth as there are more fibres involved and you also get good breathability but you do not get a totally waterproof jacket. During constant rain the water will get through. Many people use softshells for cold rather than rainy weather.

PixElite Performance Cycling Jacket - Men's | Women's

The PixElite Performance cycling jacket is manufactured from a mix of polyester, elastane and brushed thermal microfibre to give a warm, comfortable and breathable jacket that is suitable for use year round, with an extra layer during peak winter.

Features: Training/performance fit, windproof, breathable, non-slip hem, lock-zips, front and rear pockets, elasticated cuff

Sportive Convertible Gilet/Jacket - Men's | Women's

Designed to give flexibility during autumn/spring when the weather isn’t sure what it is doing. Made from soft-stretch highly breathable (15,000gm/24hr) and waterproof (7,000mm) fabric that gives exceptional comfort. Should you overheat, simply unzip and remove the sleeves at the shoulder. Reflective detail and logos give you a great all round jacket for use in multiple conditions.

Features: Training fit, windproof, water-resistant, breathable, removable arms, lock-zips, elasticated cuff and waist

Packable Jackets

Classic Windproof Jacket - Men's | Women's

The Classic windproof is a simple yet effective jacket that can be thrown on if the weather turns on you at any time of year. It packs down to be housed in its own tight fitting bag that you stow away with little fuss. It is water-resistant, breathable, has a high collar and lowered tail and will help get you home without getting drenched!

Features: Ultra lightweight, water-resistant, LED flasher compatible, integrated stuff-down bag, elasticated cuff and waist

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