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REFLECT360 Plus Women's Cycling Jacket


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The Daily Telegraph: "The film fabric can achieve optimal breathabilty and waterproofing, but is also a reflection innovation"

The Proviz REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket is the more ‘technical’ version of the highly successful original REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket launched in 2014. This version has been designed using a highly technical film to ensure higher rates of breathability (10,000gm/24hr) and waterproofing (10,000 mm)  while not losing any of the incredible reflective capability of our unique, upgraded reflective material (CE EN 20471 certified) that made the original version a worldwide success and sold in over 40 countries.

The REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket incorporates a much more tailored fit and uses a unique lighter weight material to help ensure cyclists, who like to push things a little bit harder, stay cool. The ‘through-flow’ extra ventilation is still achieved using the same effective shoulder/back vents that allow air to escape without letting in any rain water. Simply open up the front zip vents to achieve maximum ventilation. During winter, these can be kept closed and double up as watertight pockets. The jacket also incorporates an inside chest pocket and large lower back pocket to store any extra layers or a map. A newly incorporated raglan sleeve design also helps to give a superior range of motion and room around the shoulders and upper back.

About the fabric: The material has millions of tiny reflective beads embedded in the material so when a vehicle's headlights hit the jacket, the beads reflective the light back to the the light source meaning the driver should be able to identify the cyclist further in advance than normal and manoeuvre appropriately. The fabric used for the REFLECT360 Plus range is designed by Proviz and is highly technical. A brand new film fabric is used to achieve the increased breathability and waterproofing required which is then sealed to our special reflective material. During daylight it is a modest grey colour. At night, when the fabric picks up an external light source, eg vehicle headlights, it gives ‘astonishing reflectivity’ (quote: Cycling Active Magazine). The material is CE EN 20471 certified. 




  • 100% reflective material (CE EN 20471 certified)
  • Tailored fit
  • Breathability: 10,000+gm/24hr
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm
  • Seam-sealed (for sewing line waterproofing)
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Inside chest and back pockets
  • Low profiled rear spray guard
  • Inside mesh for added comfort
  • Built in air vents: front/sides/back
  • Adjustable waistband and cuffs
  • Waterproof storm zips with garage
  • Approximate weight (size variable): 400g
  • Machine washable
  • Zip pullers

Trustpilot doesn't lie! Great brand/product

Having done the rounds to look in to Proviz before ordering, I saw you had a great trustpilot score so that firmed up to me I was ordering from a reputable company.... I am happy to say everything has been great - fast delivery and the product is excellent. Very bright at night! Probably not the first person to tell you that :)
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  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 26/07/2018 by Maz

Supercool jacket!

It is very comfortable to wear, it holds heat when its fully zipped or if under-arm-ventilation is opened, air flows nicely through. Pockets are large and the jacket itself is quite spacial, so no need for buying bigger size. It has truly great visibility. I love wearing it even if I am not cycling, suddenly cars give me more respect.
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 14/05/2017 by Xenia

Nice jacket

I have been enjoying using my 360 jacket during the winter. It is a trusted piece of kit for my hi-viz and I always use it and would never go back to a normal yellow jacket as the 360 beats it hands down. In fact there is no comparison. So many people through the winter have said how great it is at being seen. so there is the evidence in my view.
It is also conformatable, and waterproof and has all the extras expected
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  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 29/04/2017 by Sarah Half1

Time to Reflect

Good jacket for a lot of things I believe.

1 - Being seen at night - blindingly bright.
2 - Waterproofing - Seam-sealed, nothing gets through
3 - Build quality - I have been through a lot of jacket in my time. This one has great quality and I am very happy with it.

Glad I made the move to Proviz this winter. Christmas coming up so the whole family will be getting one. Can I get a discount ?
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Posted 17/11/2015 by Michaela


Comfortable,good movement,superb visibility,felt good wearing it!
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 10/10/2015 by Elaine

Nice jacket

CoMfortable, well fitted jacket with amazing all over reflective material - so bright at night. Bought having read so many great reviews of last years jacket. They are all correct!
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 9/09/2015 by JaneBend

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REFLECT360+ Jackets

The Material

Utilising millions of highly reflective tiny glass beads the REFLECT360 range s appearance is almost ghostly in a driver s headlights! The material has exceptional waterproofing (10,000mm) capability for those rainy days and enhanced breathability (10,000gm/24hr). The outer layer is meshed and backed by the TPU waterproof and breathable film. The inner seams are taped so not a drop of water gets through the sewing lines.

The Lining

Inside there is a soft cotton mesh lining to further aid comfort and breathability during your ride.


Two outer chest, one inner chest and a large back pocket will not leave you struggling to find somewhere to put your items. The outer chest pockets are also designed to be extra vents during the warmer months.


An adjustable hard wearing cuff with hook and loop attachment helps to give you the most comfortable ride. Keep them loose during the spring/summer to allow some airflow, or tighten them up to keep the cold and wintry weather out.

Adjustable Waist

Use the elastic pull cord and solid plastic fastener to get the correct fit for your body shape.

Under arm ventilation

On those warmer days simply unzip the large 30cm under arm zips to help you keep cool and get an extra bit of through-flow.

Shoulder/back ventilation

Everyone gets hot across the shoulders/upper back so we ve built in an extra ventilation flap to let hot air out but won t let anything in!

Zip garage

A zip garage helps to ensure there is no nasty neck chafing when your jacket is fully zipped up on those colder days.

Waterproof Zip

The full length front storm zip is fully waterproof and reflective. Not a drop of water will get in.

Micro-fleece Collar

The micro-thermal fleece built in to the collar will add extra warmth and comfort during the colder months.

The Guardian

The Guardian: "For those who want maximum visibility on the bike in low, or no light"

The Times

The Times: "Offers Incredible Reflectivity"

The Independent

The Independent: "A revelation"

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph: "The film fabric can achieve optimal breathabilty and waterproofing, but is also a reflection innovation"

Cycling Active

Cycling Active: "Proviz is one of the most innovative brands to arrive in the cycling trade"

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness : 'Unbeatable Night riding Visibility'

Runners World

Runners World: "As featured in Gear of the Year."

The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show: "Proviz featured on The Gadget Show"


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