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REFLECT360 Waterproof Dog Coat


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BBC Country File : "These astonishingly reflective coats shine brilliantly in the light of oncoming head lamps"

Due to the amazing popularity of the REFLECT360 range for cyclists, runners and walkers, we were asked by many customers if we could design a REFLECT360 waterproof dog coat. We were struck by one email from a customer saying that he was walking his dog at night when his dog slipped his leash and ran in to the road. The owner ran after his dog in to the road and fortunately for the owner he was wearing his own REFLECT360 outdoor coat. According to the drivers of the vehicles stopping in front of him, it was the jacket that saved his dogs life as the drivers saw his jacket reflecting and therefore stopped immediately but could not see the dog. The owner of the dog emailed us the story and asked to design a jacket like his but for his dog....and so we did.

The REFLECT360 waterproof dog jacket is 100% reflective and utilises the same material as the rest of the best-selling range. The covers come in 4 sizes for dogs of almost all shapes and sizes. During daylight it is a modest grey colour, and at night, when the fabric picks up an external light source eg. vehicle headlights or a torch, it gives astonishing reflectivity.




  • 100% reflective outer-shell (CE EN 20471 certified)
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable neck and chest strap
  • 4 different sizes

Another great Proviz product

Ideal for side visibility but if the dog is walking away the visibility is very limited, for instance if the dog was trotting down a road with vehicles approaching from behind. The fit could be better but overall the coat provides a massive improvement in safety for the dog. Helpful for the owner in locating the dog in a field or wood needing only the smallest of light sources.
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Posted 23/11/2017 by Shaun

Glow dog

I've had my human jacket a couple of years now. Motorists stop me all the time to thank me for wearing it. A few weeks ago, one told me "I saw you, but not the dogs." I ordered the dog jackets immediately. So glad they're glowing now, too.
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Posted 27/12/2016 by Cninghm

Can't miss her!!

I bought 2 of these coats for my wee girl to try as I was not sure what size she would be medium or large. Lexie is a Pointer/Lurcher, a dainty girl. The large fitted. No problems returning the medium, refund quickly dealt with.
The large fits but as I said she is a dainty girl so the fit is not perfect. The coat would benefit from having a more adjustable belly strap. Being a dainty girl she has a small waist so the coat tends to slip down on her right side where the belt fastens. The velcro being longer on the coat would help, I may just sew up the belt a bit to make it shorter so it fits better, needs to be tighter. Apart from this the coat is fantastic, you can't miss her. We match when I take her out wearing my proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket... twins :-)
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Posted 19/11/2016 by Celticspace

Love it!

Lola loves her coat and her owner loves it even more, what a simple but great idea, the coat picks up the smallest of light and it is great to have when walking in dusk, highly recommend for all dog owners
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Posted 7/10/2016 by Lola (Dog)

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